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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my money?

You will be paid as soon as the position is cycled , there is no waiting time we will pay directly to your alertpay insyantly when your position has been cycled.You will get 1$ each time your referral has made a purchase and you will get this money paid directly to your alertpay account , instant after the referral makes the purchase.

How long will it take to double my money?

That will depend on how much our members are advertising our site. We will continue to advertise constantly, but obviously if our members are advertising too then your money will double more quickly. It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of days.

How do I buy more positions?

From the members section you can easily purchase more positions. If you've got enough funds in your account from previous cycles or commissions then you can buy more positions with that, otherwise you can add money via Alertpay.

What happens once I cycle?

You can select from your members panel to either be automatically re-entered into the line or to not re-enter. It's up to you.